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Jamie Kennedy doing standup comedy

Jamie Kennedy

Dates & Time

Feb 16 - Feb 18 | 7:30, 9:30


Laugh Factory

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Jamie grew up in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, the son of a machinist and a paralegal, and the youngest of six children. He spent his formative years the same way as many children: Tormenting his parents and avoiding any thought of long-term goals. But when Jamie's high school guidance counselor informed him that his grades, test scores and personality best suited him to a career of shoeing horses, he decided that the time had come to get serious about the future. He was going to move to Hollywood and become an actor. Honing his skills on the comedy circuit, Jamie landed his big break being cast in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as a punked-out rival to John Leguizamo. His career soon kicked into high gear as he co-starred in his breakthrough performance as Randy Meeks, the video store clerk well-versed in the conventions of scary movies, in Wes Craven's Scream and its follow-up Scream 2.

Since these early days, Jamie has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. While doing what he does best alongside legendary comics such as Steve Martin in Bowfinger, you see a harder side of Jamie Kennedy the actor as a street hustler who attacks Greg Kinnear in the Oscar-nominated As Good As It Gets. Across his acting range, he always maintains his crafted ability to add much-needed comedy into dramas, seen in The Three Kings with George Clooney, The Boiler Room with Vin Diesel, and Tony Scott's Enemy of the State, playing a comedic techie in charge of protecting national security alongside Seth Green with Will Smith and Gene Hackman.

Kennedy starred in Son of the Mask in 2005, the sequel to the blockbuster Jim Carrey vehicle The Mask. In 2007, Kennedy starred in the feature film Kickin' It Old Skool, about a young break dancer who slips into a coma for twenty years and wakes up 2006, and Heckler in 2008, a documentary that examines the means, methods, and motives of hecklers, comparing film critics to stand up comedy hecklers. With approximately 190 episodes of television under his belt with networks that include CBS, WB, MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime, NBC, Fox, and VH1 Jamie currently provides his voice for The Cleveland Show on Fox and was starring as psychology professor Eli James in the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer, which was Friday's number one show on television at the time. After wrapping WWE's Bending the Rules feature with Adam "The Edge" Copeland in the fall of 2010, he spent the spring of 2011 filming Tyler Perry's latest, Good Deeds, starring Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton, Rebecca Romijn and Gabrielle Union. Before prepping for a five week summer shoot in Europe on Lost and Found in Armenia, Jamie Kennedy filmed three episodes of the final season of Entourage.

Tickets for his show are on sale now for $34. To see the full line-up of comedians performing at the Laugh Factory, click here.


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